GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 50 – The Live Event Show at Partners Cafe

We celebrate our 5oth episode by leaving the comforts of our studio and bring the show to our listeners live at Partners Cafe, in New Haven, Connecticut. This is our second live event we have done outside of the studio. We welcome Michael Buckley and David Hartman back to the show to share in our experience.

We dish on all the current events of the past week including Adele and her album 25, Beyoncé and her Lemonade and all the highlights of the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. We update you on a story we reported on last week regarding a listener (Albert) and dish on Michael Buckley’s new book “Help! My Kid Wants to Be a YouTuber”.
Signature Cocktail 

This week’s Signature Cocktail is not just one… Thanks to the the owner and the staff at Partners Cafe (“We Work There”), the bar offered all Belvedere Signature Vodka Drinks and Martinis at only $5.00 dollars.

We held a drawing and one lucky winner walked out with $100.00 Cash.

Our Angel for this episode

We dedicate this episode to Eric Ortiz-Rivera, 36 years old who was killed in the tragic event at Club Pulse in Orlando, Florida on June 12,2016.

Eric Ortiz-Rivera, our Angel for this episode

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