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Featured Reoccurring Segment with Dr. Goldstein

Beginning March 2018, we partnered with the always awesome Dr. Evan Goldstein of Bespoke Surgical to bring awareness on health and sexual wellness from the perspective of a doctor that specialized in Gay Men’s sexual health and wellness.

Tales from the Tail with Dr. Evan Goldstein

A monthly “consultation” with our favorite butt doctor. We breakdown stories posted on Dr. Goldstein’s blog on We dive ever so deep into real life situation, real solutions & recommendations for those active bottoms, and yes, even tops! All from the mouth of the Doctor himself.

Consider you appointment booked!

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Immerse yourself in the experience of facial expressions that come with the stories we talk about on the show. We also include other content which is usually not part of our broadcast. Join us on Patreon, support the show and enjoy our video version of the show.

Episode 146 Sample Video

Feature Artist: Davis Mallory.



Feature Artist: Anthony Starble.

We Need To Be Loved – Anthony Starble

A vibrant & young singer-songwriter who’s impressive falsettos and smooth voice resonates in the lyrics that he writes. He chatted with the cast of the show and got candid on his music, his musical inspirations and being an artist that happens to also be part of the LGBT community. He talked candidly on how his music is written not for the LGBT community exclusively but rather for the whole world and for every one to enjoy. Take a listen this fascinating young man.

We Need To Be Loved is currently being featured on the show during our break. Go ahead, take a listen…

GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 240 – Our Dish is Always Messy and We Are Thankful For It! Gay Talk 2.0: An LGBT PodCast

On today’s episode, Chris, Tom, and Trish kick it off with updates on their lives. Tom starts the Dish with a history lesson on the Royal Family, followed by a blow to the LGBTQ+ community dealt by a 2-1 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. The story leads the boysRead More
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