Tom Ortiz

Host – Executive Producer

My passion for life drives me and pushes me to understand myself more and others. I’m not afraid to take a chance. I’m constantly finding interesting things and places to explore. I’m also a proud gay man and try to represent the LGBT community in the best way possible. This doesn’t mean I’m a saint in any way.

Nick Bussett

Co-Host – Associate Producer

I am a theatre professional who moonlights as a bartender, clearly non-profit doesn’t pay the bills. I like to think of myself as a go getter, compassionate, fun, but really just overall crazy! In all seriousness I am a hopeless romantic who loves to love, take that as you will.

Chris Mattoon

Co-Host – Contributor

Good to be with you guys, it’s Chris! Connecticut born and bred yet I am always yearning for Canada. I’m a huge classical music lover, love traveling and experiencing new worlds, and bring new friends into my life.

With a multitude of personalities on our show. It’s guaranteed to be dramatic. Here you can explore a bit more about who were are as individuals and what we each bring to the show…