GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 327 –Transformer: A story of Glitter, Glam Rock & Loving Lou Reed with Guest Simon Doonan

Well it was a rough one today! ON the first half the boys their normal round table. Nick talks about his time visiting Tom and Jae’s place of work. Jae talks about his mothers 80th birthday and Tom talks about corporate America durning the Holiday season. 

On the second half of todays show we welcome Simon Doonan author of Transformer: A story of Glitter, Glam Rock and Loving Lou Reed. We dive into a conversation of about Simons profession dressing windows and his history in the LGBTQ+ community through the years. “Transformer is more than just the story of Lou Reed—it’s the story of how pop music’s rebels and outsiders can change the world, by envisioning a more seductive future. Doonan turns it into a dazzlingly brilliant, deeply personal, totally revelatory epic—a Seventies story that somehow seems perfect for our moment right now.”JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL

Author: Simon Doonan

Transformer: A story of Glitter, Glam Rock & Loving Lou Reed with Guest Simon Doonan


These are stories shared with us by our beloved Mama Kim. Every week Kim sends us stories from a variety of publications that are specifically related to the LGBTQ community and are a great way to stay on top of what’s going on in the community.

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