GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 314 – This Queer Book Saved My Life with Guest J.P. DerBoghossian

On the first half of todays show the boys chat about adjusting to a Wednesday schedule. Tom brought up Fall and how we all feel about the wether changing. Nick gets claps for booking a guest and Tom highlights who we will be bringing on the second half. Nick closes out the first half of the show with New Kids on the Block’s Jonathan Knight new show Farm House Fixer and his Marriage to longtime Boyfriend Harley Rodriguez.

We come back from break and welcome J.P. DerBoghossian, Host of THIS QUEER BOOK SAVED MY LIFE and creator of the queer Arminian library. We have a wonderful conversation about his podcast and the Queer Armenian Library.

About our Guest

J.P. Der Boghossian, Host and Founder
Jim Pounds, Executive Producer

JP Der Boghossian

Host: This Queer Book Saved My Life

This Queer Book Saved My Life! interviews guests from across the LGBTQ rainbow about the queer books that saved their lives. These are the books that rescued their relationships, or salvaged their family ties, or liberated them to live their authentic lives, or, in some cases, literally saved their life. As we get to know our guests, we bring in the book’s author for a meaningful conversation about queer life and the power of literature.

The podcast premieres in June 2022. You can subscribe to it on your favorite podcast service.

J.P. Der Boghossian (he/they) is the founder of the Queer Armenian Library and a 2022 Lambda Literary Fellow. J.P. is an essayist with works published in existing anthologies and forthcoming anthologies. His career path includes nearly a decade working in broadcast Journalism. After which he transitioned to the higher education and nonprofit sectors working in Chief Diversity Officer roles.

Happy On Your Own Terms with Joe Perazzo and Greg Louganis This Queer Book Saved My Life!

 Welcome to the Season 2 premiere of our LGBT podcast This Queer Book Saved My Life! In this episode, we talk with Joe Perazzo (he/him) about the LGBT memoir Breaking the Surface by Greg Louganis (he/him), with special guest: 4-time gold medalist Greg Louganis! Breaking the Surface is Greg's memoir and it shares his journey not only in becoming the greatest diver of all time, but also as a gay man living with HIV. For Joe, the memoir played a crucial role in his life. First, when he was about 12-years old and dealing with gay slurs. Then at 16-years old as he came out. And then again in his early 20s as he began his career as a nurse and in HIV research. As Joe shares with us, "It's liberating to read it and then you want to live the same experience. You want to stop giving people so much power over you and become happy on your terms." Buy the LGBT books on this LGBT podcast at our Bookshop (!Learn more about Greg and his writing at Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok: @greglouganisFollow Joe on Twitter: @writer_RNJoin us on November 10th at Lush Lounge and Theater for our live recording event with William Burleson, author and Founder of Flexible Press. The event is free, but we encourage RSVPs: the show
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  4. Being empathetic in all aspects of our lives with David LaRochelle
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These are stories shared with us by our beloved Mama Kim. Every week Kim sends us stories from a variety of publications that are specifically related to the LGBTQ community and are a great way to stay on top of what’s going on in the community.

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