GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 2 – Drunken Episode-Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

In this episode of Gay Talk 2.0 as promised, we’re drunk and a bit of a mess. This is our account of the debauchery that is The Greater New Haven St. Patrick’s Day parade. We survived an entire day of drinking. Most area bars opened their doors at 10 am and by noon, those that couldn’t keep up were out like most lights on Broadway. What else can be said other than “Oh Canada”

Chris and Nick account for their day while working throughout the mess.  Paul and Tom as usual FaceTime each other to hatch a plan for the days festivities… As always, Paul is naked by the time Tom gets the call at 1 pm… Tom already had about four drinks or so. Gay Predator also makes an appearance.  After a long day and night of festivities all roads lead to Tom’s château to bring you this crazy, messy just as promised episode… Enjoy…


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  1. Louise Hughes

    It’s Harrisburg boys!!! Not Pittsburgh! Silly drunks!! Very funny stuff I have to say!!

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