GAYTALK 2.0 – EPISODE 146 – Doubling Down with Dr. Evan Goldstein!

This week’s DISH brings cocktails, weekends, then stories as usual. Tom and Nick, minus Chris chat about their weekends and then dive into the usual dish. Tom tells us about the first Transgender Miss Universe candidate Angela Pónce coming in the top 10. 

Returning from break, Dr. Evan Goldstein is featured in our segment Tales From the Tail, we chat about his recent Tale posted on Medium.comDouble (Penetration) Trouble! We have a conversation about Double Penetration and all the outcomes of doubling down when the opportunity presents itself.  We then jump into a story about Barbie and Ken, and why we may soon see a Barbie and Barbie and Ken and Ken Wedding Collections from Mattel. THANKS MAMA KIM!  Nick closes out the show with an exiting announcement, while reminiscing about the film Brokeback Mountain

“My nieces only knows that only Uncle Matt loves Uncle Nick and Uncle Nick loves Uncle Matt. Kids are taught to hate, they’re taught to have negative feeling about those who don’t fit the social norm. It’s time that we bring positive examples into the commercial market. … Toys are tools for teaching.” – Matt Jacobi (Out Magazine) 

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