GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 9 – “Homo” Phobia – with special guest Scott Condon.

Episode 9 “Here is the Thing” Tom’s favorite way to plug everything… so here’s the dish. “No Fem, No Fat” public versus private social media. Gay Republicans, why we should or should not support the oxymoron.

Apple gets another shout out do to their recent controversy, and our guest Scott admits the he is an android user. Paul chats about how he can have an entire conversation with gifs, and Nick plugs The Devil Wears Prada “I Love My Job”. Chris talks about “Lucifer in the flesh” while chiming in on “Islamophobia”and the opinion that “Modern Day Terrorism is Islamic extremism”. Paul has sober sex, while Scott shows interest in anal sex and how gay men handle it.  Finally we talk about Homophobia, but honestly we mostly talk about Scott and his AnaCondon. Special thanks to our guest, Scott Condon for visiting us here at GayTalk 2.0

Next week we have a wrap up on Mother’s Day… Do you love your mama…CUZ WE DO!

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