GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 80 – My Pop’s A Top With Guest Jason Davis

On today’s episode we welcome Jason Davis, the Author of “My Pop’s a Top”, a witty picture book penned from the point of view of a young African American boy growing up in a same-sex couple household. Its full of innocent-looking illustrations about a boy and his gay fathers – – “Pop” – a hot latino and “Daddy” – an older caucasian man. He candidly talks about why he wrote the book and touches on some of the backlash received from individual who criticized his work for its choice of illustration and likeness to a children’s book.

The book is available on the following services…
Amazon: My Pop’s A Top – $2.99
Barnes & Noble: My Pop’s A Top  – $3.99

You can contact the author on Twitter at @JasonDavisLGBT


On the “DISH, Tom dishes about Anita Green, a Trans woman who became the first trans contestant to represent the state of Montana in the Miss Montana USA pageant, Chris engages the other host about the new AI that can identify someones sexuality by examining someone’s photo and Nick fills us in on the new study on TRUVADA which involves teen boys and how they could benefit from the groundbreaking medication, noting that there are two things that may stand in their way.


Signature Cocktail

The American Spirit
The American Spirit
  • 1 1/2 oz Açai spirit(we’re using açai flavored vodka)
  • 1 oz sliced strawberries 
  • 3 oz club soda 
  • 2 oz coconut water
  • Garnish with blueberries

Place strawberries in bottom of glass. And ice and all liquids. Garnish with the blueberries


Today’s music featured on the show was “Invisible” by Jens East & Camilla North. “Memories” by Jens East ft. Rasva, “Running” by Jens East ft. Elske and “We Need To Be Loved” by Anthony Starble.

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