GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 112: The Dish: It Got Heated

On today’s episode, it’s all about the “Dish”! The boys pull back their hair, roll up their sleeves, and fastened their seatbelts for one high-energy show. Tom kicks it off with a story from Sierra Boggess, which leads to an open discussion. Chris, once again, takes us back to Russia, while Nick or Trish follows with a Chechen update.


Returning from break, Tom turns the spotlight toward the situation in Puerto Rico, while their lights fall black…once again. He then takes the guys back to the crisis in Flint, Michigan, which has still yet to be addressed. Trish shares the story of the “No Longer Alone” campaign throughout North Africa and The Middle East. Tom, then shines light on the lovely, the talented, the beautiful, Ada Vox. Trish brings it all home with a heated debate over a new “dating” app.


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