GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 153 – Filthy Animals!

This week, the boys actually start the show with the signature cocktail, and Tom moves into the Super Bowl. Chris mentions the upcoming State of the Union, and the transgender heroes four congress members have invited. Closing out the first half, Trish brings the famous author Hans M. Hirschi back to the conversation, discussion his newly released book/E-book “The Golden One Blooming,” leading to a rather in-depth conversation.

Returning from break, GayTalk welcomes Larry “shmo” the Intern back to the show to highlight his upcoming new collaboration with Andy Julia, “Filthy Animals.” Many laughs and Trish’s marriage to “Shmo” are a conversation worth listening to! Before “Putting a Rubber on it,” the boys discuss Canadian Mermen and masculinity.

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Next Week

Next week we welcome back Dr. Evan Goldstein for another installment of “From Top to Bottom ” and its all about Chris! We also welcome Andy Julia and Shmo the Intern from The Idiots Radio show to chat about their new show Filthy Animals!

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