You Be You Podcast with Meg & Liv

Monday, January 22nd we welcome Meg & Liv from the You Be You Podcast.

Show Bio

Hi! We’re Meg & Liv of the You Be You Podcast. Our show is all about moms. Wanna be, gonna be, tryin’ to be moms. We talk about the things we love, the things we don’t and all the crazy adventures that come along with the being a mom.

Meg is a working mom of two tweens who is mastering the art of being a dance mom, a soccer mom and a field hockey coach while dishing up gourmet meals for her family and teaching English to middle school kids. She even has time to fall off her bicycle and wear her yoga pants TO yoga on the weekends. Go, Meg, go.

Liv is a mom of three small children who is currently re-entering the corporate world after being a stay-at-home mom. She’s done the cloth diapering, co-sleeping, extended nursing thing and the disposable diapering, sleep training formula feeding thing and now with baby #3, she enjoying a nice mix of the two. Liv is working on achieving spare time and when she does, she has promised Meg to give Hallmark Christmas movies a real chance.

We might get into it from time to time discussing the levels of mom stereotypes we fight (um, no we don’t talk in baby talk) and the ones we can totally cop to (yes, we are currently drinking wine in our yoga pants). But overall, it’s a fun peak into the secret, sometimes weird, always multi-tasking world of moms.