Gaytalk 2.0 – Episode 74 – “Everyone Is Fired” with Guest Host Liz Maxwell

We open the show with our now traditional opener… We pay homage to the feisty US House Representative Maxine Waters as she schools America on the art of “Reclaiming Out Time”

On today’s episode of the show we welcome Liz Maxwell to the show. Liz and out co-host Chris have been friends for many years. We are sure we will  get some dirt on their adventures. We kick of the episode discussing the health care vote debacle that left Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) standing like a sad puppy who just can’t seem to reach the bone he so badly wants on the other side of the fence.

President Trump aka President Dump announced a ban on transgender men and women from serving in our armed forces sending shockwaves throughout the LGBT community who he himself gloated that he adamantly supports during his presidencial Campaign… #Liar! The announcement came via Twitter, which seems to be the President’s choice of communication for announcing policy nowadays.

Meanwhile, in El Salvador, LGBTQ rights activist paint crosswalks with the colors of the rainbow between the Boulevard of Heroes and Andes Avenue, signaling the first time the Central American nation has authorized support for the LGBTQ community publicly.

Our co-host Nick talks about  a story reported by Tim Lewis of that highlights the need for the LGBT community to focus on fighting for justice in five key areas. Those key areas are police and criminal justice reform, Income inequality and homelessness, health care, native rights & foreign policy and immigration.

Chris Mattoon & Liz Maxwell


Signature Cocktail

Todays Signature Cocktails is…
The Irish Buck or also known as the HighBall

Irish Buck


  • 3 oz Jameson Whiskey
  • Ginger Ale
  • Lime Juice
  • Lime Wedge

In a HighBall glass, fill with ice, pour in 3 oz of Jameson Whiskey, add fresh lime juice and top of with ginger ale soda. Add a lime wedge for garnish and enjoy.


Today’s music featured on the show was  “Invisible” by Camilla North feat. Jens East. LOUD by Davis Mallory and The Gaytalk 2.0’s  Deep House Anthem.

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