GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 4 – Gays Of Our Lives

In this episode we “chim” in on our Easter  festivities, CaddyShack gets shout out and of course Caitlin Jenner gets a quicky. Carbon copy technology provides a challenge for millennials reminding us of our youth, while Paul continues to be plagued by shitty problems.  Paul takes the lube challenge and we are now greased up and ready to slide though the decades. Decades you say? YES, DECADES! Our Main topic takes us through being Gay and coming into ourselves throughout the decades. All while sipping away on our signature cocktail the classic Moscow Mule!  In this PodCast  you’ll get to know your hosts a bit more, while getting dose of homo history!  These Gay Men will be forever grateful for those people who paved the way for us!  So thanks and cheers to you…ENJOY!!!

Episode Cocktail

Moscow Mule

  • 3 oz o premium vodka
  • Ginger Rootbeer
  • Fresh squeezed lime juice
  • Mint (Garnish)

Best while served in a copper mug chilled over ice. Garnish with Mint and enjoy a fantastic refreshing drink to satisfy your thirst in any season.

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