GayTalk 2.0 – Episode 108 – Marching For Their Lives With Guest Patrick Dunn

On today’s episode, the boys kick of the “Dish” paying tribute to a civil rights champion, Brown V. Board of Ed’s Linda Brown. Moving forward, the hosts discuss this past weekend’s March For Our Lives, which leads to a heated conversation over gun control

Returning from break, the momentum continues as Anthony Crisci “chims” in to inform our listeners of the March 27th vote to confirm Andrew McDonald as Connecticut’s Supreme Court Justice, where if confirmed, would be the first LGBTQ appointee in the history of the United States to be elevated to a supreme court in any state. Staying on topic with US courts, Chris fills us in on the attorney general and Supreme Court of Louisiana’s ruling to overturn the Governor’s executive order protecting LGBTQ’s from discrimination. Guest host Patrick Dunn hijacks Trish’s soap box and passionately takes on the HIV status stigma. Tom closes out the show with a shoutout to one of our beloved listeners.


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