Arshad Aslam

Arshad is a musician, actor, fashion enthusiast and screenwriter from Los Angeles. In 2013 Arshad released a debut 13 song album, “Knockout” and 10 stand-alone singles. In 2017, Arshad released a new 6 song EP, “Shine” where every track was a Western-Desi (Indian Diaspora) fusion.

Aside from music, Arshad is a SAG actor most recently seen on the television series, Colony (USA), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), and How to Get Away With Murder (ABC). In 2017 Arshad started, VEYELX- a new media outlet focusing on pop-culture in the South-Asian Indian community. Arshad’s goal as an artist is to make sure we see equal representation for all minorities (including equal rights for woman and our lgbt+ brothers and sisters) and tell authentic diverse stories.