We are GayTalk 2.0: The Ultimate PodCast

We are three friends that come together every Monday to provide you with hilarious commentary on all the current events of the week.  We sit around the table with cocktails in hand bringing you the latest on art, current events, news, music, and other topics that impact the LGBT community. Join us and subscribe today!

Our Show

Our show consist of several segments that were chosen to provide our listeners relevant, current, informative content with a funny gay twist. Most topics dicussed on our show are those that closely affect the LGBTQ+ community. We don’t shy away from any topic. Sex, politics, alcohol, addiction, fetish, gossip, celebrities or tragedy, we cover it all.

The Cast

The cast consist of three friends. There is the host, Tom (More about Tom), Co-Host Nick (More about Nick), and Co-Host Chris (More about Chris). With a multitude of personalities that we each bring to the show. It’s guaranteed to be funny, witty, sassy and full of drama. Here you can explore a bit more about who we are as individuals and what we each bring to the show…

Our Segments


We introduce the cast, the topic for the show and announce any special guests we may have on the show for the episode

The Dish – Part One

We jump into the “dish” portion of there show. It is here where we discuss all of the current events and topics surrounding the past weeks stories.

The Dish – Part Two

We return after a short break with part two of the “Dish” where we continue to discuss any topics we still have left to cover from all the week’s latest news.  When guest are booked on the show, we instead take this time to discuss relevant information surrounding our guest speaker.

GayTalk Term

We use this segment to discuss a term for the week. Nick picks the weekly term which usually is derived from the book GayTalk (Formerly entitled The Queen’s Vernacular) a (sometimes outrageous) dictionary of gay slang by Bruce Rogers

On This Day In Gay History

On This Day in Gay History was launched when Nick began to post daily facts about our community happening here at home and around the world via Instagram. Nick would post daily (except Saturdays and Sundays) on Instagram in an effort to educate ourselves and others on events, achievements & other historic moments in our community.

Wrap Up – Put a Rubber On It

All good things must come to an end. We wrap up the show with announcements of upcoming guest, topics, shows and events. We let you know how to reach us and wrap up the show for the week.

Support The Show

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